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We don't have electricity, what do I do?

Unfortunately, power outages are a common occurrence on the BVI. The the power goes out, first check if your neighbours have power. If not, chances are the power will return in a short period of time (this can be hours). If you are the only property without power, check your meter for irregularities. If in doubt, please call Caribbean Realty Limited (only for the properties we manage, otherwise contact the landlord). There is also the possibility a bill payment was not successful. In that case, contact the BVI Electricity Corporation.

How do I pay my electricity bill?

If the electricity is in the tenants name the bill should be mailed to YOUR PO BOX or you can set up an online account for online payment (please check with the BVI Electricity Corporation). If the electricity is in the landlords name it is important for the tenant to PICK UP THE BILL from Caribbean Realty Limited. IF, FOR WHATEVER REASON, YOU DO NOT RECEIVE A BILL – DO NOT WAIT – YOU WILL BE CUT OFF. IF IN DOUBT CHECK WITH THE BVI ELECTRICITY CORPORATION. THEY CAN TELL YOU HOW MUCH IS OWING.

What do I do if I run out of water?

Please conserve water all year round – but especially during the dry season. Some properties have only cistern water and need rain to fill them up. Other properties also have town water – subject to frequent interruptions of service.

Town Water
Town Water is metered and the tenant is fully responsible for any charges incurred during their tenancy.

Cistern Water
Most properties have at least one cistern. Always make sure the cistern has at least 3-feet of water. It is the tenants responsibility to order water from one of the water suppliers listed below. If your property also has town water, it may be possible to fill the cistern from that, but please ask first.

If the cistern runs out of water, the pump will continually run and, if left running, the pump can burn out and can also start leaking water. Water turning brown, and/or the faucet starts coughing air when turned on are signs that the water is running out. The Tenant must unplug the pump immediately to avoid damage to the pump. The Tenant is responsible for the cost of repair and/or parts that are damaged as a result of the pump continually running on an empty cistern. Check for toilet tanks that are continually running and also for dripping faucets – they can drain a cistern in a couple of days. It is the Tenants responsibility to report any running or dripping toilets or faucets. Please turn off the supply valve located behind the toilet if it is running continuously. Failure to report the problem does not make the Owner liable for loss of water.

Septic Tank
All properties have a septic tank into which all waste water will flow. It is important that the bacteria levels are maintained, so we ask all tenants to flush ‘RID-EX’ into the tank at least once a month. RID-EX can be purchased at Rite Way, Clarence Thomas Ltd or any other plumbing store.

I ran out of gas for cooking, where do I get a new cylinder?

Most properties have propane gas and the gas-cylinder is usually located outside. When the gas runs out IT IS THE TENANTS RESPONSIBILITY TO ORDER A NEW TANK. The bottles are either blue, blue red, gray or white which denotes which company provides the gas. Please ask us which company supplies your gas (only for the properties we manage, for properties we don’t manage, contact the landlord).

Something is broken in or around the property. Who should fix this?

We have a dedicated team to help you with any problems. For the properties we manage, please contact Sharon if anything has been damaged or needs repairing. It is better for all concerned that a property is fully functioning at all times.

For properties we don’t manage, contact the landlord.

What do I do if I have a pest problem?

Apart from termites, all pest problems are the responsibility of the tenant. If you have termites call Caribbean Realty Limited immediately and we will send out an expert (only for the properties we manage, for properties we don’t manage, contact the landlord).


Who do I contact when I need help?

Office Caribbean Realty Ltd: 494-3999
After Hours EMERGENCY ONLY: 340-5557.
Non-emergency: report to the office on next working day.

  • Water: Trushie 541-7292 or Roy 494-3479
  • Water & Sewerage: 494-3416
  • BVI Pest Control: 495-5954
  • Williams Exterminating: 495-9689
  • Tortola Exterminating: 494-3129
  • BVI Electricity: 494-3911 (night & day) or 494-2710
  • BVI CableTV: 494-3205
  • Lime: 494-4444
  • CCT: 494-3825
  • DIGICEL: 300-1000
  • Gas Cylinder Refill: Delta Gas 494-3291 (WHITE or GREY, or says “Delta” on the Neck of Bottle)
  • Alphonso Gas (was SOL): 494-3137 (BLUE or RED/BLUE, BLUE/GREY)
  • Persaud (charges for delivery): 443-4319

Which options are there for cable tv?

Coming soon.

How do I prepare for a hurricane?

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